REACT was a small record label and a distro and was active from 1991 until 2001. The label started with some DIY compilation tape, live tapes and then started to collaborate with bands to put out vinyls. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I lose interest in managing the label and the distros, and I decided in 2005 that it was time to stop and doing something else. I started my own musical project that has nothing to do with punk but rather with experimental - all my stuff are available on the "pay what you want" basis on

With respect to the distro, I still have lot of records on stock, so do not hesitate to contact me at: maruda59[@] yahoo dot com


v/a "Le pen: ordure" with Raw/ Infezione/ original disease/ Outrage rebellion, ... No more available
v/a Use skinheads, not animals with holocaust, confusion, Besmet, .... No more available
Political Asylum/ Bat attack: live tape No more available
Hiatus: "If war solves problem why are we afraid of it?" live tape No more available
v/a" Instead of killing animal, hunt the fascists" with Amen, Wiwisekcja, Double think, MOM, Corpus vile ...Tape No more available

Acoustic grinder/ Systemphobia: live tape No more available
  Active Minds "Five years of banging our heads against a bricks wall" Tape No more available

Agathocles: " The struggle continues" live and studio material tape No more available
  Political Asylum: live tape No more available

Hiatus/ Doom: Live tape recorded at the Vort'n'vis, Yper, Belgium
 No more available

  Active Minds: "the lunatics have taken over the asylum" Flexi sold out
Paste: "Today we learned" LP Few copies left   Active Minds: "Dis is getting pathetics" Ep sold out

Active Minds: I'm not a tourist 7 "
7" made in collaboration with Active minds and Don't belong

Sold out

Los crudos: los primeros gritos Lp
made in collaboration with lots of labels.
Sold out

Split Intestinal disease/ Rot Lp
Made in collaboration with lots of labels.
Sold out

Urban Blight: magnitogorsk Ep
Anarcho punk in the crass-punk style but much more agressive
Few copies left

URBAN BLIGHT it's (a)live...! CD-r
co-prod between 4 labels. Limited to 250 copies

Split Ep between OPUS DEAD (thrash/HC, Spain)/ TROPIEZO (HC from Puerto Rico)
OPUS DEAD: "Perros de Presa" CD
URBAN BLIGHT "1998-2001" CD co-prod with Les Nains Aussi
HACHAZO "Historias para no dormir "CD
14 new songs of Political Brutal punk from Spain
   OPUS DEAD "Control" CD
Sold out
URBAN BLIGHT "pigs"Ep is available. 4 raw anarcho-punk tracks.Only 500 copies available.